Archangel Michael Guidance App Reviews




This app reminds me of the Magic 8 Ball oracle

Stops sending messages.

Only send messages for a period of time. Then you have to reload app to get them delivered again.

Devine intervention

This app is really good and delivers positive messages that make you feel like your never alone.

Constantly asking to Launch App

Can you please fix this or refund me my money back!!. It constantly asking me to launch the app!!!. First I thought maybe because of my old phone? But I got a new upgrade iPhone 8+ and the same thing!!. Please Developers fix this problem!!. I don’t have time for this!!. Thanks

App is buggy

I enjoy the messages, but only when I can read the whole thing ! There is a bug in the app. I get the pop-up notification w/ a message preview, but when I go to the app to read the whole message , I can’t find it - it only shows me the last message I read. Also am not a huge fan of the cartoonish artwork/depiction of Michael , but that’s just me.

Just Love this app

Hi 🙂 I just want to say I really Enjoy & Love this app! It’s all very positive & who doesn’t like/love positivity?? Exactly everyone enjoys feeling positive. I love how throughout my days this app sends positive affirmations & guidance, honestly if I’m having a blah day & see the words show up on the screen of my phone or tablet it puts a smile on my face so I’ll take that ! Thank you to the people who created this app Love it scale between 1-10 1 obviously being the most terrible 10 being an amazing awesome very well done app I give it a solid 10 😊🙏🏼🙏🏼

Michael is GOAT

I Wrote a review earlier and I believed i was a bit too critique . I actually enjoy this app way more than the others & he’s a good pal to have right by your side 🙏🏽

I received an answer

While meditating I had asked the day before who was leaving what appeared to be ectoplasmic marks on my mirror, this has been going on for a couple of years. I already suspected who it might be from my discernment and intuition. While in a quiet state an alert from this site startled me. So I opened up the app. The message indicated that AAM was by side and protecting me and my family. Apparently the marks on the mirror are an indication we are being watched and protected. Also, at the same time, just before going into meditation I had just finished reading a post from AAM about cutting negative cords. Well the rest of the message that your alert gave me was cutting negative cords. As there are no coincidences the alert came at the perfect time with the appropriate message.

They advertise to you a lot for being a paid app

The app is pretty good, but every single time you open it they advertise another, similar or related, app to you. It’s pretty annoying considering it’s not a free app, and doesn’t seem aligned with the values of a metaphysical app. It feels pushy and money grubby.


It really irritates me that I have to keep reopening this app and see some offer that I am not interested in. If I don’t reopen it will not keep sending messages. I am rethinking my purchase! I will be deleting this app!

Always leaves me in awe

This app is like having a medium send you a quote everyday that pertains to you and your life. I love it and look forward to it everyday.

Always Right on Target

I welcome the supportive messages that allows me to “unplug from work stresses” and focus on what is important. Carolyn

Reminds me to stay positive

Thought there was more to it.

4-5 dollars is a great investment in well being

For the price of coffee you can enjoy those messages who will empower and uplift your spirit. I love to receive those messages which usually hit right on the target and help me stay focused on well being instead of negative thoughts. I'm. It religious and don't worship anyone or anything and still believe this app is valuable for most people out there.

Wonderful app!❤️

This is an amazing app! The messages are always on point and seemed to be aligned with my thoughts and things going on in my life. All of the messages are positive and uplifting!

I’m not sure how this works...

I’m not sure how this works, but, the messages are always absolutely beautiful and happen in perfect timing!!! I would highly suggest downloading the bundle as the divine messages from the other Archangels are so loved filled and enlightening.

Amazing Uh-Mazing

AA Michaels advice is always in tune to what I need to hear good and the not so good, the truth of what I need to know in the now! Thank you for always answering my prayers, and lifting me when I need it the most! I am so blessed you are here for me thank you for always providing for my essence of being! Charleen

Love this app!

I love this app and feel it gives me just the right advice when I need it. Thank you 🙏🏼❤️

I don’t like having to launch the app constantly

I read the messages in my message feed I dislike that you have to open the app every day or two to keep the messages coming. If you forget then it stops sending you messages which I dislike when I’m busy.

Glitchy App

I love the messages that I receive, but the app doesn’t work well at all. If you tap in the message to open it up that message doesn’t update and you see a different one in the actual app. The only reason I keep it is because of the uplifting messages that I get as an alert, otherwise the app doesn’t work well at all.

I love it

Archangel micheal is this best I love him 💕

Inspiring and Beautiful!!

I recommend this app to everyone!

Right on

Michael delivers that which is relevant in that moment

Incredibly amazing

Great App! I use it a lot and it's very helpful

Love it!

Arcangel's Michaels message keep me on a positive vibe .



A boost of angelic energy all day long!

It's wonderful to get these angel messages all day. A little boost of faith and love, and the messages are often times exactly what I needed to hear. My entire family gets excited when they hear the chimes indicating a new message. Love this app!


Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this app. So many times it puts me into perspective. 😊

Please fix this

I enjoy this app. with notifications turned on, the banner pops up. I then read the potion of it that shows before clicking on it, and then when I click it, there's a totally different message. I never get to read the first one.


Since Doreen has denounced all of her previous work with oracle cards, angels, her books etc. then I can no longer give her my support and am deleting all her apps.

Accurate timing

Fully synchro destiny with daily events. Thanks Doreen

Life Changing

I am synced with Archangel Michael so this app makes it easy for him to give me advice. You can feel which message was directly created for you.

Great reminder

Keeps me on the straight and narrow. Very comforting. :).


It's helped me so much even thou I have alerts set they are divinely timed im going to say Just when things go out of hand I get a perfect message Thank You so much 😊 I am so happy 😁 I bought the package deal as it is helping me through my journey daily.


I have several Doreen Virtue decks and just purchased Michael & Raphael - I'm so disappointed. These are terrible and I find many of the messages to be the same on both. No connection st all for me 😕

Great App!

This is a great app

I thought this was tarot.

This is just positive thinking blurted out to you...I'm still going to use it but it's not what I thought it was.

Kind of clunky layout/design

I love the messages, but I'm not quite sure about this design, it's a little weird. Upon launching the app, a few random messages appear on the home screen (without having had a chance to even ask a question), as you scroll through them, the first ones vanish. Are you supposed to ask a question, then launch then app and contemplate multiple answers? There aren't any instructions, so nothing to explain the intention behind the format. Then there is also an "ask" button with a totally different set of messages. Why the two sets of messages in different places, am I missing something? I do love Doreen's work so much, not trying to be overly critical here, but this app's design could be improved upon. Thanks for the opportunity to provide some hopefully helpful feedback.

Not quite displaying all the message

The messages are usually spot on but long messages aren't always displayed completely. If I try to open it, I loose the part of the message that shows up. Frustrating but love it when I get the entire message and I don't loose it. Also, it tells me to launch the app to continue getting messages. Why can't it just continue sending them and stop them to tell me to launch the app?

Love receiving my messages from Michael💕

Love this app! I receive messages from Michael so many time that relates to what is happening in my life when the messages come thru! The only negative is how often I have to reset the app to keep receiving his messages. If I paid for the app why would I need to reset it? If I didn't want to continue using the app I could either turn it off or delete it.

Do not waste your money

This app is very limited, the same message is always on the screen when you open it.

Decent messages, Limited Rhetoric

I have three of these (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael), and the messages can be very helpful and uplifting. I do find the constant Jesus references irritating and alienating, and the continued reference through many of Doreen's apps of God or Source as exclusively male make me want to chuck my phone across the room. Sometimes the language makes me feel like I'm sitting through a Sunday service, which was not my intention when purchasing. I have a lot of respect for much of Doreen's work, but the new focus on what feels like a Christian rhetoric, to the exclusion or denigration of other paths, particularly with a lack of balance towards the Divine Feminine, does make me question whether I would purchase any more of these in the future, having not realized that this was the case when I originally bought these three. If you can handle the language and framework, then many of these messages can be very helpful. But if you are not interested in that limited perspective, you may want to hold off and save your money for something else.

A must have!!

I absolutely LOVE this app! I get Divine guidance everyday just when I need it most!! It's amazing! I would recommend to everyone!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Great idea, but...

I love Doreen Virtue and I was excited about these apps. However the notifications never come to me like promised, even though I've checked my settings over and over. And quite frankly, the face of Michael looks frightening. The advice sounds condescending too, so I'm not in love with this at all. I do however, love the Archangel Raphael app. This one, not so much.

Mostly love this app

The messages are always timely, but I agree with another reviewer that inability when swiping to read entire message reveals a new one.

Amazingly inspirational

I took the Angel Intuitive class live with Dr Virtue (et al) and was introduced to Archangel Michael there. I got this app shortly there after and have been amazed at how accurate and timely the messages are. I have it set to pop up a message a few times a day and it doesn't fail to inspire.

Love it just one little thing

I truly love this app I have it set to every 4 hours so I can get messages and guidance pertaining to my situation. The downside is it has to be launched quite often to continue to function properly. I think apps should work properly without too much maintenance especially apps that are paid for.


I have faith this app will work better for me. I'm sticking with it.

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